Classrooms at Maslow on Hillcrest

Multi-Age Elementary


Violet Classroom

Ages 4.5 to 6 Years Old

Goals and Class Details

Watch your child grow and flourish in the Violet Class!

This class teaches children essential skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It also develops social skills such as respect and caring. As a school, we believe that children should develop their mental, emotional, and physical skills all at the same time, as these boost each other.

We recognize student diversity and the differences in how students learn, so we provide a learning environment that accommodates these. We know children have developmental trajectories and respect each child’s learning method.

We want to help children be active participants in their learning experience. At this point, we want to teach them self-regulation and control of their emotions, particularly in stressful and demanding situations.

We highlight how important relationships are for healthy and happy development and show how to interact and communicate effectively. As every experience is tailored to each individual, we see amazing communication patterns emerge in our classroom.

We offer age-appropriate experiences and create instructional plans based on the students’ needs, curricular goals, growth, and state standards.

One of the most important and fulfilling aspects of teaching is the collaboration between students, parents, community members, and professional colleagues to support student learning and development. Through this involvement, we see many relationships and cultures mingle to produce an amazing and highly supportive environment.


Ms. Shelby Efurd

Learn About Ms. Shelby Efurd

I am Miss Shelby! I grew up right here in the San Juans and absolutely love getting outside with my family to enjoy our beautiful scenery.  My favorite hobbies are going for walks with my husband and daughter, playing disc golf, and cuddling my two pit bulls.

I got my bachelor’s degree in Biology from Colorado State University.  After moving back home, I became a high school science substitute teacher and fell in love with teaching!  That next year I was offered a 4th grade teaching position and started my alternative licensure program. I taught 4th grade for 4 years and absolutely loved it!

My favorite part about teaching is watching the kids learn something new and getting to know each unique child.  I am so excited to be working at Maslow this year!


K/1 Classroom

Advanced Kindergarten through First Grade

Goals and Class Details

Helping children become active participants in their own development.

Helping children become active participants in their own development is the best way to create curious and independent learners. This is particularly true for children moving from kindergarten to primary, where academic studies increase in intensity.

Children in advanced kindergarten through to first grade need emotional and social skills to boost their learning and optimize their abilities.

At this age, children have already built some social and emotional skills and are ready to tackle more demanding academic tasks. They are introduced to the world of reading, listening, and writing alongside math, history, geography, physical and earth sciences, music, dance, and art.

Our school is centered on offering children a stable and supportive community where each student follows his or her own learning trajectory. Although academic learning deepens, children are still young and require quality education that involves emotional and social growth.

Advanced kindergarten and first-grade students are introduced to several academic subjects. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing are essential for communication. Learning about other cultures shows children the beauty of different experiences. They also learn about math, algebra, and statistics and first grasp the concept of probabilities.

Physical, earth, and life sciences help children develop inquisitive and curious minds and show them how habitats, animals, and humans live together across various climates.

History, geography, and economics hone children’s curiosity and perception of time and space.

Finally, subjects like music, drama, dance, and visual arts cultivate children’s creativity and individual expression.


Ms. Tanya Hawke

Learn About Ms. Tanya Hawke

Hello and welcome to Maslow! My name is, Tanya Hawk and I am the combined kindergarten and first-grade teacher. I also work in Maroon (toddler room) in the afternoons. As of 2023, I have been teaching here at Maslow for eight years. Prior to coming to Bight Beginnings/Maslow Academy, I taught 3rd and 4th grade in public school.

I am a Colorado native, born and raised right here in Montrose. I graduated from Montrose high school many, many moons ago! I graduated from Mesa State College, now known as Colorado Mesa University, with an elementary education degree. I also have a master’s degree in legal studies.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my daughter, Markie. I enjoy camping, fishing, playing with our animals, cooking, and baking.

I believe that education is the key to life. It opens the world to endless possibilities! It really does take a village and I highly encourage parent involvement. Open communication is important.

Parent + Child + Teacher = Success!


Primary Classroom

Advanced First through Third Grade

Goals and Class Details

Advanced first- through third-graders will be expanding on their previous learning and delving deeper into how our world works, breathes, functions, and progresses.

Math moves further into algebra and geometric relationships, which will be the foundation for understanding equations in future grades. Physical, earth, and life sciences study the behaviors of organisms, life cycles, weather, and seasons. They make use of children’s innate ability to observe.

In history, children are introduced to chronological order and learn how to appreciate the past and its effect on the present.

In geography, children learn about spatial awareness, world regions, and finite resources. Maps and globes are useful items to assist children’s perception of space.

Throughout all children’s years in Maslow Academy, they learn the significance of responsible and appropriate behavior. This knowledge helps us expand on the merits of rules, rights, and responsibilities for the future citizens of the twenty-first century.


Ms. Stephanie Brink

Learn About Ms. Stephanie Brink

Hello, my name is Stephanie Brink. In 2001 I earned my B.A. in counseling psychology. Realizing I have a passion for teaching; I obtain my postbaccalaureate degree in elementary education in 2010.

My husband of 18 years has a B.S. in geology and loves to share his knowledge with our Primary and K/1 students. We love to spend time in the mountains: camping and fishing, and rockhounding throughout the valley. Family time is extremely important to us!

My goals as the primary teacher are to teach students a variety of skills at the elementary level using differentiation to cater to each student’s learning style. In primary, every student will make continuous progress no matter their age or at what level their knowledge and skills are currently at. I believe that learning at the appropriate level of challenge is motivating and builds lifelong learners! Primary class will use multiple tools, to include a wide array of technology to encourage and engage student learning.

Communication and parent collaboration are key to any child’s success. We have multiple tools to help us communicate daily. I firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child.

Parent + Child + Teacher = Success

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