Our Goal is Your Child’s Success

Imagination, Inspiration, Creativity

We give your child a nurturing environment to discover the world and strengthen their self-esteem and individuality. Our aim is to create confident learners with critical learning skills and faith in themselves.

Have You Heard?

Bright Beginnings is opening at Colorado Outdoors for ages 6 weeks through 5 years.

For more information, or to contribute to the project, contact Chrissy Simmons at 970-252-3399.

(Infant Toddler 6 weeks to 3)

(Kindergarten – Third Grade)

(Ages 5 – 12)

Maslow Academy On Hillcrest

Maslow Academy is an independent community early childhood center on Hillcrest Drive in Montrose, CO. It offers a highly rated choice in education and care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary school children through third grade. Children up to twelve years old join in the Maslow after-school and summer camp programming.

Bright Beginnings At Colorado Outdoors

Bright Beginnings is the infant, toddler, preschool program opening in the fall of 2022 at Colorado Outdoors. It provides loving, individualized care and education for children from six weeks of age through five years old. In addition to our quality playgrounds, Bright Beginnings children will enjoy over 40-acres of open space with walking trails, wildlife corridors, and a newly upgraded river restoration project.

Maslow Academy

Treats Each Child as an Individual.

We understand that children learn at their own pace. Our goal as educators is to maximize the potential in each child by teaching according to their individual capability, while simultaneously developing their social, physical, and academic skills.

We allow children to progress through state standards and developmental guidelines at their own pace. We strive to foster a community where each child is encouraged and empowered to reach their peak potential.

All children deserve to learn, and our aim is to offer access to high-quality care and educational programs for all families. That’s why our school accepts a high percentage of families covered by the state-funded Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). We also offer a grant-funded Tuition Subsidy Program (TSP) for those who don’t qualify for CCAP but are still in financial need.

Our school encourages family involvement, and we love to work with families who perceive education as a partnership. This means we are on the same page: a child’s education starts from birth!

Classes Adapted to

Children’s Developmental Stages

Maslow Academy offers the Bright Beginnings care program for infants and toddlers, and a variety of care and education programs for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and primary grade students–each adapted to their developmental stages. Stimulating children’s imagination and creativity is key to their physical, mental, social, and intellectual development.

Education should involve all aspects of life, including arts, physical education, mathematics, group activities, English, and foreign languages. Here at Maslow Academy, we believe that children start learning from the moment they are born. We encourage children’s natural desire for learning and strive to give children engaging and interesting experiences that will help them learn and grow into happy individuals.

We offer a variety of classes for parents and children to find the one that best fits their needs and expectations. Our multi-age classrooms are based not only on children’s age, but also on their individual academic and social abilities.

Our curriculum includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks lovingly prepared at our premises, according to USDA standards.

Our School

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Our highly qualified and certified teachers provide standards-based instruction, grading, and reporting. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to focus on individual student learning paths and build a strong relationship between educator and child.

Our student-to-teacher ratio is:
  • Infants = 1:5
  • Toddlers = 1:5 or 1:7*
  • Preschoolers = 1:8 or 1:10*
  • Kindergarten = 1:12 or 1:15*
  • Elementary = 1:15

*depending on classroom

A Choice in Care & Education

While there are many excellent education options out there, what sets Maslow Academy apart is our commitment to providing your child with the attention, encouragement, and education they deserve. We employ only the highest-qualified staff, our curriculum is interesting and engaging, and our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures no child is left behind.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and calculated risk-taking are what make children clever and resourceful. By developing these skills, we help children become flexible and intelligent adults.

Highly Qualified Staff

We pride ourselves on hiring caring and compassionate teachers that are highly qualified and passionate about what they do.

All our staff at Maslow Academy view children as individuals. We are all different, and we all have different learning abilities and learning speeds.

Our certified teachers continue their learning journey during their employment at Maslow with continuous professional development, workshops, and college credit courses.

Engaging Curriculum

Every child learns in a different way, at a different speed, but all will benefit from our engaging curriculum that stimulates their minds, challenging them to seek out knowledge and develop their critical thinking skills.

Our educators provide inspiration for learning through enrichment in the arts. They also focus on mathematics and logic, physical education, language and literacy, group activities for socialization, and foreign language study.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Children need space and attention to develop their unique skills. This can only happen in classes with fewer students, so that educators have time to devote attention to each and every child.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows our teachers to help each child to flourish at their own pace and in their own way. This is the best way to bring out and respect each child’s individuality.


What Our Parents Think

“Love this place! Seeing all the kids and adults having such real, positive, and engaging experiences brings back memories and warms my heart.”

—Jeri M.

“This school absolutely impresses me. My girls enjoy going every morning and are sometimes unwilling to leave. The administration is amazing and has addressed every question or issue. I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend it.”

—Katie A.

“Wish Maslow had middle and high school! Such a great, small school with teachers who are amazing!”

—Lori S.


A School of Choice

Maslow Academy is an independent, nonprofit early childhood center in Montrose, CO, offering childcare, pre-school, kindergarten, and primary classes.

Our certified staff is focused on creating confident learners who are interested and curious about the world and life.

We strongly believe that children are individuals with their own interests and styles of learning. We respect children’s individuality, and guide them to flourish in their own unique way.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio means we can devote time and attention to all our students and help them achieve their individual learning potential.

Maslow Academy offers several classrooms. Each classroom provides various means of learning such as mathematics, socialization, arts and culture, physical education, languages, and literacy.

The best learning happens when tummies are full! We provide healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, all lovingly prepared at our premises and according to USDA guidelines.

Serving our Community Since 2009

We are proud to be serving over 150 children and their families through our care and education programs. Some come to us as infants, while others join us a bit later. They are all loved, nurtured, and greatly missed when they move on to the next stage in their learning journey.

Since we began operating in 2009, we have had the honor of caring for children who began in our infant care program, progressed all the way through our primary school classes, and eventually moved on to future learning opportunities.

Contact Maslow Academy

The Maslow Academy of Applied Learning campus is located at 120 North Hillcrest Drive, Montrose, CO 81401.

You can reach us via telephone at (970) 252-3399 or by emailing our front office at

You can also reach Maslow Academy on Facebook.


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities



2021 Spring Parent Teacher Conferences



2021 Summer Session Begins



2021 Staff Work Days – CLOSED

Additional Info

School will be closed both days to prepare for the new school year. Our Back to School night for parents and families will be August 31st at 5:45 PM.



2021 Fall Session Starts



2021 Fall Parent Teacher Conferences


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2021 Christmas Holiday – CLOSED

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