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Bear Classroom

PreK, ages 2.5-5 years old

Goals and Class Details

Get excited to watch your child take a major step in their educational journey!

The Bear Class has a vast array of learning tools introduced to your child through hands-on activities and group activities that will enrich their social well-being and encourage their love of learning. It’s time to show your child the beauty of world languages, reading, writing, and communicating, as well as science, music, dance, visual arts, and theater arts and drama.

We also introduce your child to the alphabet,working with numbers and problem-solving through fun activities that will form a strong set of foundational skills to prepare them to read, write, and take first steps in the math world.

The Bears Class mixes the challenge of learning new ideas with fun activities. This takes the stress out of learning and creates thinkers who want to explore.

We are very excited to have your child in our wonderful class!

Bear Class Teachers

Ms. Cetacea

Now Hiring

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Owl Classroom

PreK, ages 3-5 years old

Goals and Class Details

Welcome to the Owl Classroom!

Research shows that when behaviors are modeled for students in the classroom and then reinforced through praise and repetition, the students gain confidence faster and are able to manage themselves better.

Teachers will spend the first month of the year emphasizing these points as well as assessing each child’s skill set so that, come October, we may transition smoothly into whole group, small group, and individualized teaching.

At this age, children are ready to embrace several new notions, skills, and abilities, and build strong social relationships. They have good body control, and can balance and use their body to achieve physical goals. They are also capable of understanding their own feelings, and interpreting and responding to others’ feelings and emotions.

Children start to set goals for themselves, and it helps them learn perseverance and self control.

By now, children understand English and can recognize letters and even some words. They can follow a book story and grasp sequences of events. We also see the first signs of logic and analysis of a problem. We can start to perceive how these children will develop into independent adults.

Music, dance, drama, and theater come to complement children’s understanding and approach to life in general.

Owl Class Teachers

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