Ms. Stephanie Brink

Primary Class Teacher

IMG_7200 I am very excited to teach Primary Class at Maslow Academy of Applied Learning! I have lived in Montrose, CO for the past 17 years. What a fabulous area. I was married to my husband 9 years ago, but no children yet (unless you include a cat and two dogs)! I am fortunate to have both parents living here in Montrose as well.

Through-out the summer, we try to camp and fish as much as possible. We have a hard time staying put on our off-time. If we can only escape for a day, usually we head to an open area where we can ATV and use our metal detector; fossils, rocks, gem stones and meteorites are a big interest to us.

I graduated in 2002 with a B.A. in Counseling Psychology, but what I really wanted to do was teach. After working for several years, the urge was so strong, that I quit my job to concentrate on earning my teaching license. I strongly believe that experience elicits learning and I hope to share with your children my experiences and to offer your children an array of their own learning experiences.

My Mission Statement: My goal is to teach love of learning through empowerment, self-discipline and encouragement. I hope to aid in self-discovery, to instill trust and show compassion. I believe all children are capable of success and can become contributing citizens.

Stephanie Goals