Ms. Melissa Senecal

Primary Class Teacher

Hello. My name is Melissa. I grew up half the time in upstate NY, swinging upon vines in the forest, and half the time on the west coast of FL, doing cartwheels on the beach sand. Since growing up, I’ve been living in Montrose for 20 years. I have a background in Secondary English Education/English Literature studies (I love stories, poets and children). I also have several years of public school volunteering work, and 9 years of homeschool teaching experience. I love working with children and nurturing their creativity and confidence, so am excited to work with your child as a co-teacher in the Primary/Intermediate classroom at Maslow Academy.

At home, I like to garden, bake, knit, read, hang out in nature, and be with my family. I am looking forward to the new year exploring with your child!