Green (Pre-K)

Ms. CloriesseWelcome to Green!

Welcome to the Green Class (Pre-K 3-5 years)

Please visit our Green Class website for updated information for the 2017-2018 school year.

Get excited to watch your child take a major step in their educational career. We will expand their horizons in various aspects of learning. The Green Room has a vast array of learning tools that are fun and exciting. We will introduce your child to the art of music, hands-on activities in science including caring for class room pets and group activities that will enrich their social well being. We introduce your child to the alphabet with fun activities in order to form a strong set of foundational skills to prepare them to read and write. Your child will also experience working with numbers and problem solving as an introduction into the wonderful world of mathematics. The Green Room mixes the challenge of learning new ideas with fun activities. This takes the stress out of learning and creates thinkers who want to explore! We are very excited to have your child in our wonderful class.